Scrabble Online

Grab all the stars on the game board so you can make the most points in this scrabble online like a pros. It's free to play but only against the computer, play online scrabble up to five levels of difficulty and become an expert of scrabble.

Play Free Scrabble Online

Do you think you can be better than your own computer at this online scrabble game? This game is ideal for beginners but also for the more experienced. The dictionary of this scrabble game is not perfect but it is ideal to train before a physical scrabble game with your family. Your skills will be visible after a few online scrabble games played on this site.

This scrabble game is simple and can be tried by all children who can read and write so it has no age limit.


With the letters given at the bottom of the table you can create different words that you can arrange as you wish on the scrabble board. Ideally, you could rank the stars with the highest score for a good score. Always start from the middle star and then wait for the opponent's move. You have the option to see your opponent's pieces to get an idea of his next steps, but I don't think it's fair.


This way you can easily learn to play scrabble thanks to the artificial intelligence of the computer. You will play against him on various levels of difficulty. You have to keep in mind that the dictionary of this scrabble game is the one from Collins, so don't think that the game is cheating, be more careful and try new word variants.